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Interview with Fiona Millar

Fiona Millar is a journalist and writer who specialises in education and parenting. She’s worked on the Daily Mirror, the Express, and as a lobby correspondent. She was a special advisor to Tony Blair from 1997 to 2003. Now, among other work, she writes a column for the Guardian. She was kind enough to give […]

John Ruskin: History’s greatest art teacher

Stepping through the live-lesson looking-glass and into a real world of bubbles and distances will not be an unmixed blessing for many of us. The early twenties have been an attack on the feeling that being a teacher means anything real at all. Protecting the NHS means clapping as is being prepared for market, fish […]

RI – Introduction

The central assertion of this series of pieces is that the system of education in England ‘requires improvement’. That language, co-opted from the language of Ofsted inspections and reports, is central to the argument: the choice to marketise and privatise the education system, and the establishment of means of surveillance and control typified entirely by […]