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Interview with Fiona Millar

Fiona Millar is a journalist and writer who specialises in education and parenting. She’s worked on the Daily Mirror, the Express, and as a lobby correspondent. She was a special advisor to Tony Blair from 1997 to 2003. Now, among other work, she writes a column for the Guardian. She was kind enough to give […]

John Ruskin: History’s greatest art teacher

Stepping through the live-lesson looking-glass and into a real world of bubbles and distances will not be an unmixed blessing for many of us. The early twenties have been an attack on the feeling that being a teacher means anything real at all. Protecting the NHS means clapping as is being prepared for market, fish […]

RI – Introduction

The central assertion of this series of pieces is that the system of education in England ‘requires improvement’. That language, co-opted from the language of Ofsted inspections and reports, is central to the argument: the choice to marketise and privatise the education system, and the establishment of means of surveillance and control typified entirely by […]

Adult Education: post-pandemic strategy is urgently needed

Our country faces a crisis in adult learning in a post Covid-19 economy. Even before the pandemic, according to the OECD, 9 million adults in England had ‘low basic skills’ in literacy and numeracy.  And over the past two decades the number of adults accessing any form of post-school learning, particularly those from more deprived backgrounds, has plummeted. […]

Editor’s note

“At a pinch you might do without Parliament. You could do without the Minister: you could certainly do without Civil Servants and almost as certainly without local education authorities. Without any or all of them the world might not seem much worse. But if there were no teachers the world would be back in barbarism […]


Welcome (back) to Labour Teachers. Due to busy lives and changing hands Labour Teachers has had a fallow period. Now it’s back. The consensus is that professional bodies have become central in thinking for, supporting and organising for the Labour Party. Our view is that it would be beneficial to increase the range of ideas […]

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