Editor’s note

“At a pinch you might do without Parliament. You could do without the Minister: you could certainly do without Civil Servants and almost as certainly without local education authorities. Without any or all of them the world might not seem much worse. But if there were no teachers the world would be back in barbarism within two generations.”

George Tomlinson – NUT Conference 1947

Hi there, my name is Ben (@bfarren94), and I’ve recently assumed the title (democratically and totally not in a web-archive fuelled coup sort of way) of Editor of Labour Teachers. I’m a Maths teacher currently based in Sheffield.

I hope this can be a productive space for Labour Teachers, Labour supporters, Labour members and for those satellites who in their varying degrees surround our party. In the last couple of weeks, Labour teachers, supporters, politicians and stakeholders have been putting together their thoughts on where Labour is, where education is, and what comes next. I really hope you enjoy what they have to say, I very much enjoyed putting it together.

Join the @LabourTeachers conversation on our Twitter page and write for us! If you want to get involved in any way, we’re welcoming all input.



Welcome (back) to Labour Teachers. Due to busy lives and changing hands Labour Teachers has had a fallow period. Now it’s back.

The consensus is that professional bodies have become central in thinking for, supporting and organising for the Labour Party. Our view is that it would be beneficial to increase the range of ideas by having a platform just for teachers who support the Party.

This is our staff room. Labour Teachers should be a place of debate, of challenge, of ideas, and of fun. We have a lot of ideas for how the site should run and the features we should have.

But Labour Teachers will be nothing without Labour teachers. This a call for you to get involved.

Can you not believe Labour won’t just adopt X policy?

Are you thinking of leaving the profession? Why?

Gove vs Williamson?

Have you always wanted to talk about teaching and politics but not had a platform?

Post-vaccination (strains, mutations and herds permitting) education will be a key priority for both Government and Opposition. We can influence this.

Our Party is full of ideas, expertise, clarity and care. We (not exclusively) want the very best for our pupils, and although some disagree on methods and roadmaps, our goal is the same. We want the education of our pupils today, our pupils tomorrow, and the pupils of 2030 to have the best basis for the rest of their lives. Whether this is by Engelmannian Direct Instruction, Kagan structures in 4 dimensions, academy led free school state funded whatever, we all want the best for all pupils.

Let’s talk about it, let’s make each others’ ideas better, let’s bond as a professional subgroup and form a hub for positive change and effective practice. Most importantly, let’s prepare for government.